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It is known that obesity, one of the most important diseases of our age, brings many health problems. The question of who can have obesity surgery for obesity, which affects individuals in every way from cardiovascular diseases to high blood pressure, from sleep apnea to psychological problems, is also wondered. Obesity surgery is used to eliminate co-morbidities for obesity, which causes loss in the life comfort of people. Detailed information about who can and cannot be performed this operation, which is applied by obese people who do not lose weight with exercise and diet practices, is shared in the continuation of our article.





The prevalence of obesity is increasing in our country. In Turkey, which ranks high among European countries, the prevalence of obesity is shared as 20 percent for men and 40 percent for women. It can be said that these rates have started to decrease thanks to the advantages of bariatric surgery in the treatment of obesity. By definition, obesity; It is an excessive accumulation of fat in the body. For this reason, the decision of obesity surgery is made according to the body mass index, and the patient is provided to live in a healthier way.


Obesity, which is the most important risk factor for the development of diabetes, increases the rate of developing type 2 diabetes 90 times in obese people. When both obese and diabetic patients lose weight, they can better control the sugar rate and reduce the likelihood of developing other diseases. Therefore, it can be said that it is much more important to lose weight in diabetic patients. Moreover, obesity surgery has a great role in reducing co-morbidities such as sleep apnea, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.



Obesity surgery is performed for patients with a body mass index of 40 and above. In addition, patients must be between the ages of 18-65. In people with a body mass index between 35-40, surgery can be applied in case of weight-related diseases. These diseases can be listed as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart failure and diabetes. Other answers to the question of who can have obesity surgery are as follows;


People with a body mass index of 30-35 and type 2 diabetes

Individuals who applied to different treatment methods to lose weight but did not get results.



It is unreasonable to have bariatric surgery for people who will not be able to show the necessary determination about diet after surgery. In addition, obesity surgery is not performed in patients who are not under serious treatment, but have psychiatric diseases and alcohol and substance addiction. Finally, obesity surgery is not applied to those who have any disease that will prevent them from receiving anesthesia.