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It provides a balanced and satisfactory weight loss by reducing the stomach capacity by 75-80% on the vertical axis, providing satiety despite very little food consumption in the postoperative period, and reducing the levels of the Ghrelin hormone, which causes the feeling of hunger, by approximately 85-90% with the operation. It is known as sleeve gastrectomy, as the stomach takes on the appearance of a tube after the operation. There is no obligation to use vitamins and minerals for life after the surgery, the chance of endoscopy is not lost, and the chance of reaching the ideal weight is extremely high. With gastric reduction surgery, the volume of solid foods that patients will consume is also restricted. In the nutrition program that starts with liquid foods, it is gradually passed to solid foods. There are some things that the patient should pay attention to while taking liquid food. Consumption of liquid foods such as high-calorie, oily and creamy drinks prevents the patient from losing weight. If the calorie intake is exceeded in those who have gastric reduction surgery, the patient may even stop losing weight, and there may even be a risk of gaining weight.



  • Fazla kilonun %50-60’ının kısa sürede kolaylıkla verilmesini sağlar
  • Vücuda cerrahi yöntemle yabancı bir cismin adapte edilmesine gerek yoktur.
  • Mide küçültme ameliyatından sonra metabolik bozukluklar daha çabuk düzelir.
  • Hastanede kalış süresi daha azdır.
  • Mide bağırsak sisteminde gıda geçiş güzergahında bir değişiklik gerektirmez.
  • Ömür boyu vitamin desteği gerektirmez. (Sağlıklı ve kaliteli beslenmeye dikkat edilmesi şartıyla.)