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Patients conduct research on many subjects about the recovery process after obesity surgery. First of all, in order for the surgery to be successful, some conditions should be considered before the procedure. If it can be done, patients who need to lose some weight can reduce the risk of operation-related risks. Along with the surgical tests, endoscopic examination for gastric pathologies, blood tests and respiratory tract functions are evaluated. In addition to these, the opinion of the doctor will be taken in areas such as anesthesia, psychiatry, chest, cardiology and endocrinology in order to make a decision for surgery. The patient should fast for 1 night and stop smoking and stop alcohol consumption 15 days before.



The recovery process starts quickly after obesity surgery. However, the condition of the patients should be examined on the first day after the operation and they should switch to liquid nutrition. It is also important to comply with the nutrition program prepared by the dietitian. Upon completion of the operation, which was initiated by making small incisions, the patient should rest in the hospital for 3-5 days. Discharged patients should consume at least 8 glasses of water a day and should be fed with watery food only according to the program prepared by the dietitian for the first 15 days. Again in this process, it is important for patients who need to take protein support after the 15th day to pass light soft foods.


Patients who need to avoid heavy physical practices for the first 1 month may return to work life other than heavy work. In women, it is necessary to wait at least 1 year when it is decided to have a child after the operation. Patients who act according to these rules we have listed will not encounter any problems in the recovery process after bariatric surgery and at the end of the 12th month, 80 percent of their excess weight will be gone.



After the operation, as the stomach digestive capacity and stomach volume will decrease, a patient-specific nutrition program will be followed. Again, during the first 15 days after the procedure, a diet is provided with liquid drinks that have a certain calorie. In the following weeks, protein-supported fluid solid foods and liquid foods are continued. However, this program is prepared in a way that does not impair the general health of the patient and is followed regularly by the dietitian. In order to avoid nutrient deficiencies, no food consumption other than diet should be done.


Patients can start simple exercises at the end of the first month. With the exercise, the sagging in the body will disappear and the muscle mass will be protected. Thanks to the exercises applied, the patient's self-confidence will return and he will actively continue his general life. While a patient who complies with the recommendations of the doctor and dietitian continues to lose weight, as we have mentioned, at the end of the 12th month, approximately 80 percent of the excess weight will be eliminated.



Obezite Ameliyatı Sonrası İyileşme Süreci

Obezite ameliyatı sonrası iyileşme süreci hakkında hastalar pek çok konuda araştırma yapmaktadır. Öncelikle ameliyatın başarılı geçmesi için işlem öncesinde de bazı durumlara dikkat edilmelidir. Eğer yapılabiliyorsa mutlaka bir miktarda kilo vermesi gereken hastalar bu sayede operasyon kaynaklı risklerin oluşma durumunu azaltabilir. Ameliyat ile ilgili testlerin yapılmasıyla beraber mide patolojileri için endoskopik muayene, kan testleri ve solunum yolu fonksiyonları değerlendirilmektedir. Bunlara ek olarak ameliyat kararı verebilmek adına anestezi, psikiyatri, göğüs, kardiyoloji ve endokrinoloji gibi alanlarda da doktorun görüşü alınacaktır. Hasta 1 gece öncesinden aç kalmalı ve 15 gün önceden sigara ve alkol tüketimini sonlandırılmalıdır.





When considering the recovery process after obesity surgery, attention should be paid to the complications that may develop. First of all, the most common side effects after the procedure are fatigue and weakness. This condition usually occurs with stress and can be eliminated with regular exercises. In addition, food consumption habits should be changed after the surgery. Consuming less than the stomach's capacity, consuming liquids alongside solid foods can cause nausea and vomiting.


During the healing process, attention should be paid to mineral, protein and vitamin deficiencies. Leg cramps and hair loss can be seen in those who do not pay attention to these criteria. In particular, the missing vitamin supplements should be taken with the approval of the doctor during this period. Finally, after the surgery, carbonated drinks should be avoided. In patients with previous reflux, coffee consumption should be stopped for a minimum of 2 months, apart from carbonated drinks that cause severe pain.