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There are many situations that patients should pay attention to before gastric reduction surgery. Patients who only need to act according to the doctor's recommendations should lose weight during this period. Because weight loss before the operation supports the success of the operation. In addition, operational risks are minimized. As a result of the endoscopic evaluation to be performed together with respiratory functions and routine tests, the decision of stomach reduction, that is, obesity surgery, will be taken by looking at the body mass index. The patient should stop consuming liquid and solids the night before the surgery, and stop smoking and alcohol 1 week before. Again, before gastric surgery, the opinions of cardiology, chest, psychiatry and endocrinology doctors are taken and preparations for the operation are started.




After stomach reduction surgery, patients should switch to liquid nutrition under the supervision of a doctor. It should also be noted that the incisions to be made during the operation are not permanent. As of the 5th hour after the operation, patients who start walking should rest in the hospital for a few days. Especially during this period, plenty of water should be consumed. While the nutrition program prepared by the dietitian is applied for the first 14 days, soft foods can be consumed with the approval of the doctor after this period. However, all heavy physical activities are prohibited.


While general controls are performed every 3 months, in cases such as post-operative redness, vomiting, fever, discharge and nausea, the examination process should be included quickly. Patients may feel sluggish and tired in the first days of stomach reduction surgery, which does not have a serious risk of complications. Apart from this, it is essential for patients to stay away from carbonated, sugary and acidic beverages completely after stomach reduction surgery. It should be known that patients who comply with these rules will reach the ideal weight level in a short time.


Before and after stomach reduction surgery, it should be acted under the supervision of a physician. Many patients also wonder when they will lose their excess weight after surgery. Patients who act in accordance with the rules will reach the ideal weight after the 12th month and will continue to diet to maintain their form. During this period, it is very important to consume plenty of water, exercise, healthy nutrition and light foods during the day.